Warehouse management

Integra-SCS warehouse management solutions can be scaled and customized to individual customer’s needs based on market conditions, demand and delivery service requirements for their products and materials. We offer a lot more than the ability to store and pack goods, we can administer your business operations in a cohesive package that is measured and above all, well managed. We provide your business infrastructure and expertise; you handle the aspects of your business that only you can do best. It's a simple approach that provides the advantages of a sophisticated business support system with minimal upfront investment. You will benefit from our Warehousing management solution if you:
    •  Are a new business or entering a new market
    •  Desire an isolated cost centre and significant savings
    •  Require expertise and reliable business back-up and support
    •  Seek to minimise business risk or liability
Warehousing is where we have our most experience. Our resume contains all the standard functions that other companies boast. You can select all of our services or you can choose the components that add the most value to your business.
  • Import/customs - from the ship to the warehouse, includes all liaison and documentation, for local or international origins and destinations
  • Inward handling – unloading, checking and reporting .
  • Stock control  - stock management service, includes incoming and outgoing updates, warehouse security and insurance
  • Orders and processing - customer orders received and processed, product despatched to delivery address
  • Pick/pack/dispatch - an accurate, speedy service that includes in-built checking mechanisms and re-labeling and packaging if required
  • Freight - Service level to suit product type and delivery deadlines
  • Telephone sales support  - we can install and monitor a phone line dedicated to your business
  • Invoicing  - client statements dispatched with every order or as required.
  • Reporting and Analysis- standard stock reports automated by email: inward good receipt reports, daily sales and current order reports at the end of each day, and stock level reports at the end of each week (or as required)
  • Product and client sales analysis, reorder recommendation reports and others can be produced on request.


Integra-SCS is pleased to announce the release of Integra-SCS 1.0, it's proprietary supply chain management portal. This is an extremely powerful Supply Chain application. It enables you to manage your entire supply chain from one area (like a dashboard). The SCM portal was designed and developed by us and consists all the systems you need to run a fine tuned SC. You can track sales order and inventory through their life cycles, build forecasts, calculate landed costings and measure performance. You can trace shipments from dispatch to point of delivery and allows you unhindered supply chain visibility all through.