Order Management

At Integra-SCS, we take our knowledge and understanding of the order fulfillment process and works side by side with clients to provide customizable order management solutions designed to meet each client’s specific requirements. We pride ourselves in our Order Management System which allows clients looking to reduce labour costs and free up their time substantially and concentrate on their core competencies.

Not only can Integra-SCS guarantee that we receive every order, but we can ensure that all the orders are fulfilled in the most efficient and cost effective way.
Every product that leaves our facility is packaged and shipped with optimized delivery times and costs in mind. This means that each product is placed in the perfect box or container, with the perfect filling material and shipped out on the most efficient carrier

 The main goals of our order management system are to:

  • Allow businesses the ability to focus on the promotion and growth of their product lines, while we handle the day to day operations including: 24/7 online inventory control, online access to real time delivery statuses, as well as the physical picking, packing, storing and despatching of client’s orders.
  • Optimise the delivery process so the products are received in mint condition and in a timely yet economical fashion.
  • Provide a reporting framework that that provides dashboards, inbuilt and custom reports

Our Order Management Solutions Consist of:

Managing Your Orders

  •  Place a quick order for a customer

  • View order details
  • View tracking numbers for that order
  • Add or delete and item from an order
  • Issue or approve a return of the order
  • Check on the status of an order (processing, void, finished shipping, declined, in warehouse)
  • Filter orders by product type, geographic region, order status, shipment method, order number, customer name, email, payment type and order date for quick reference

Managing Your Customers

·         Easily view customer’s information and ordering preferences

·         Filter customers by name, email, order number, geographic region and order date for quick reference

·         Edit customer’s existing information

·         View customer’s past order history

·         Set custom pricing levels for groups of customers

·         Export information to Excel or


Integra-SCS is pleased to announce the release of Integra-SCS 1.0, it's proprietary supply chain management portal. This is an extremely powerful Supply Chain application. It enables you to manage your entire supply chain from one area (like a dashboard). The SCM portal was designed and developed by us and consists all the systems you need to run a fine tuned SC. You can track sales order and inventory through their life cycles, build forecasts, calculate landed costings and measure performance. You can trace shipments from dispatch to point of delivery and allows you unhindered supply chain visibility all through.