Customer Service

We are committed to offering you and your customers the very best service of any supply chain solutions provider, bar none. It is our Determined to Please, and Exceed Expectations, Service Promise.

Whatever solution you're looking for, it's safe to say there is at least one thing people can agree on: quality customer service is paramount. At Integra-SCS we have made a personal commitment to uphold this in our Determined to Please and Exceed Expectations Service Promise campaign, so much so that we can install a dedicated telephone line for just you and your customers.

Our determination and dedication to deliver superior customer service, and ongoing support, is all part of how we are determined to place the customer in the centre of everything we do.

That’s why we made this set of promises to you that reinforce our unwavering commitment to customer service.  Come in and experience our service difference and challenge us to live up to each and every one of these.  We’re also making it easier for you to manage your Supply Chain with our online portal. We want you to tell us what we're doing well, and equally, what we can be improving.

While we’re working towards being the best supply chain solution provider, ultimately, it is our customers that we want to impress every single time in every single interaction we have.

We don't just aim to meet your expectations but to exceed them.  We empower our people to deliver you service that both surprises and delights.  Quite simply, we are determined to be the preferred supply chain solutions provider.


Integra-SCS is pleased to announce the release of Integra-SCS 1.0, it's proprietary supply chain management portal. This is an extremely powerful Supply Chain application. It enables you to manage your entire supply chain from one area (like a dashboard). The SCM portal was designed and developed by us and consists all the systems you need to run a fine tuned SC. You can track sales order and inventory through their life cycles, build forecasts, calculate landed costings and measure performance. You can trace shipments from dispatch to point of delivery and allows you unhindered supply chain visibility all through.