Supply Chain Audit

Integra-SCS is a provider of end-to-end supply chain solutions. We assist our clients with the information, guidance and strategies to implement truly integrated supply chains that streamline their supply chains to deliver bottom line results, higher profits and customer service excellence. We focus on business improvement generated through increased operational efficiency and effective outcomes, to achieve end-to-end supply chain optimisation.

We’re cognizant of the fact that high-impact supply chains win market share and customer loyalty, create shareholder value, extend the strategic capability and reach of the business.

The key to supply chain excellence lies in knowing which levers to pull. Effective, efficient and resilient supply chains are, essentially, a function of five critical success factors:

  1. A clear strategy: for the entire supply chain, tuned to market opportunities and focussed on customer service needs.
  2. An integrated organisation structure: enabling the supply chain to operate as a single synchronised entity.
  3. Excellent processes: for implementing the strategy, embracing all plan source-make-deliver operations.
  4. Reliable information: utilising integrated technology to support effective supply chain planning, execution and decision-making.
  5. Effective performance management: of all supply chain operations to achieve top-line revenue growth, optimum asset utilisation and bottom-line profitability.

How well does your organisation manage the critical success factors of supply chain excellence?

The purpose of the Supply Chain Audit is to help you find the answer to this crucial question.


Integra-SCS is pleased to announce the release of Integra-SCS 1.0, it's proprietary supply chain management portal. This is an extremely powerful Supply Chain application. It enables you to manage your entire supply chain from one area (like a dashboard). The SCM portal was designed and developed by us and consists all the systems you need to run a fine tuned SC. You can track sales order and inventory through their life cycles, build forecasts, calculate landed costings and measure performance. You can trace shipments from dispatch to point of delivery and allows you unhindered supply chain visibility all through.